Want to be a volunteer?

You are part of the team that receives all accredited guests for the event, providing them with information and access certificates. The accreditation office is an information hub for all guests who are coming to do a job.
Crew Catering
Everybody needs food. In this team you will be essential in creating a pleasant atmosphere for all employees, suppliers and volunteers, making sure they have what they need, and keeping the area clean and cozy. This team also supplies food to those who cannot get to the crew area to eat.
Making sure that our audience is cared for means they can experience X Games as the fantastic event that it is. Many of our guests are families with children. As a host, you will be responsible for being present and ensuring our guests are having an extraordinary experience and help those who need information. You are the first person they meet, the individual the guest sees most often and the one they will contact first if they are unsure of anything.
PR Volunteer
We want to show this incredible event to the rest of the world through various mediums. We need people who can make videos, photos and short stories of that happening among crew, guests and practitioners to help us. The team will be in contact both Norwegian and international press that are present. As part of this team, you will make sure they have the information they require for their media outlets. You have to use your own equipment.
Riders Lounge
The athletes are our main guests. You will be there to make sure they have everything they need, enjoy themselves and relax between workouts and competitions.
Rig Team
There will not be an X Games without an arena. Here you will help set up all the necessary infrastructure such as TV tents, fences, garbage dumps and stages. Rigging will occur before and after the event
(May 3rd to May 29th).
We are an environmental friendly event. All trash must be cleaned and sorted throughout the arena. We want practitioners, guests and crew to experience the event as a clean and environmentally friendly place.
This is the core of X Games. We must make every effort to enable the athletes to be able to perform at the competition at their best. You will help ensure that the sport can be the best it can be by grooming the slopes by side-slipping, helping the judges and leaders of the competition, providing water in the starting area and assisting Antidoping Norway with its work.
The runner will help the production if there is anything they need to pick up or buy. For example equipment, food, electric cables and so on. The runners job is also to drive crew and athletes between hotel and arena.
You need to have a valid drivers license to apply for the runner job.
The ticket crew is responsible for ticket distribution, ticket sales and ensuring a smooth flow into the arena. You will be the first person they see, and the person who will grant them entry into an experience they will not soon forget.

X Games Norway will be the first event in the world combining Ski, Snowboard, Skateboard and Moto X together under the same roof. The best athletes in the world have already confirmed that they will be here. Join us for top level sports moment, big music acts, activities and parties all weekend!



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