this is x games norway

this is x games norway




Doors open at 3 pm (15.00)

19:00 – Qualifiers Slopestyle Ski, men. (TV 2 Sumo)

FREE ENTRY, but no serving or activites for guest.


Doors open at 13.30

15:00 – Qualifiers Big Air Snowboard, men. (TV 2 Sumo)

17:30 – Finale Slopestyle Ski, women (TV 2)

– concert – Kaveh –

19:15 – Finale Slopestyle Ski, Men (TV 2)

Doors close at 20.30


Doors open at 13.30

11:30 – Qualifiers Slopestyle Snowboard, men (TV 2 Sumo)

14:30 – Qualifiers Big Air Ski, men (TV 2 Sumo)

17:00 – Finale SlopeStyle Snowboard, women (TV 2)

– concert – Dunderbeist –

18:45 – Finale SlopeStyle Snowboard, men (TV 2)

Doors close at 20.00


Doors open at 15.30

Finale Big Air (TV 2)

17:00 – Snowboard, women

– concert – Mugisho –

18:00 – Ski, women

– concert – Seeb –

19:00 – Snowboard, men

– concert – Julie Bergan –

20:00 – Ski, men

Doors close at 21.00

*We reserve the right to make changes.

How to get there?

Location: Hafjell Alpinsenter, Øyer  – Adress: Hundervegen 122, 2636 Øyer
Driving: About 2 hours and 30 minutes drive from Oslo.

Because of limited parking spaces and risk of traffic jams we highly recommend taking the bus or train to X Games Norway.

Local traveler – take the bus to X Games Norway!
If you are traveling to Hafjell locally in Oppland you can easily take the bus to the arena. Buss number 242 drives between Lillehammer and Hafjell with departure from Lillehammer Skysstasjon approx. 15 minutes past every hour. Dependent on the amount of tickets sold we will try to schedule enough busses so that everyone gets a seat to X Games Norway.
See all the departures here.

Traveling from Oslo?
Our partner NSB will make sure that you get from Oslo to X Games Norway and back – safely and comfortably.

Are you traveling to Hafjell on Friday or Saturday? Make sure to get on the X Games Norway train that stops at Hafjell Station – exclusively reopened for this occasion. The station is only about 20 mins walk from the arena.

Where to stay?

The Lillehammer region has long been a popular tourist destination. Here you can choose between hotels, apartments or cabins of multiple sizes. For easy access to the event you may stay in the Hafjell area or in Lillehammer. If you wish to try the slopes before the competitions you may also buy accommodation with liftcards included.

For information about available accommodation as well as booking please visit or

Bus info

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Train info

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NSB Informs!

NSB will put up extra seating so that you can take any train from Oslo to Lillehammer. From there you will be able to jump on a corresponding bus that wilt take you directly to the arena. In addition NSB will ride som of the trains all the way to Hafjell Station to get you to the competitions. So if you are traveling on Saturday make sure to get on the X Games Norway train that stops at Hafjell Station – exclusively reopened for this occasion. The station is only about 20 mins walk from the arena.

Saturday 11. march the following departures will stop at Hafjell station:
From Oslo kl 09:34 – Hafjell kl 12:05
From Oslo kl 10:34 – Hafjell kl 13:00
From Oslo kl 11:34 – Hafjell kl 14:00

Extra train from Hafjell station after the competitions saturday:

From Hafjell kl 21:45 – Oslo kl 00:26.

See all the corresponding trains for the weekend here!

ticket info

ticket info

The X Games Pass

The X Games-pass allows you access to all the qualifying rounds and finals in Hafjell from the 9-11th of March 2017. You will also have free entry to the Village where you will be able to visit multiple stands with food, refreshments, and activities. The Arena has no age limit, and there will be no serving of alcohol. You do not need lift tickets. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult. Exchange your X Games-pass for a wristband when entering the arena.

VIP Pass

Be part of a unique X Games experience in our VIP-lodge where you can enjoy food and drink – and a spectacular show – with a great view of the arena. As part of your VIP-treatment you will receive one meal and two drinks. Choose between an extended array of drinks from the bar at Ryk og Reis. You will also have to opportunity to buy additional drink vouchers in advance. The VIP-area is indoors with a great view of the arena. You may also access the rest of the general area with your VIP-pass, and a VIP designated area outside. Age Limit: 18 years.

Single day Pass

The Daypass gives you access to all the qualifiers and finales during on the day of your given choice. On the day you will also have access to the Village where you will be able to visit multiple stands with food, refreshments, and activities. It is not allowed to bring alcohol into the arena. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Childrens Pass

Children are very welcome to the event. For children under 12 years you may buy a children´s pass, they must be accompanied by adults.


Specified ticket (limited number of tickets). Companions have free entry with proper certificate. Please order a ticket by calling +47 815 33133.

All tickets

Afterparties 2017

Join in on the official afterparties during X Games Norway 2017. Here you will have the opportunity to throw down with the X Games athletes and dance to some of the best Norwegian up and coming artists. The parties will take place in Lillehammer after the competitions.



All facilitites will be outdoors.

Wheelchair accessibility: There will be wheelchair access through a ramp and designated entrance. The organizers will assist guests when needed. There will also be a wheelchair accessible restroom. Please note that all facilities are outdoors.
What can you bring and not: 
You can bring snacks, fruits and babyfood. Remember that you will be able to buy food and refreshments in the arena.
 The following items are not allowed in the arena:
– All forms of bottles
– Alcohol
– Especially flammable liquids or objects
– Camping Equipment
– Professional camera and video equipment
– Animals

Opening Hours: See program for opening hours
Age Limit: Open to all ages

Contribute to a great event for everyone!
We love the environment – we would appreciate if all of our guests recycle waste at one of the many designated points around the arena. Please do not smoke or snus in the arena as there will be children at the event there with you. You will be able to buy tasty food and refreshments in the arena. Remember to dress for the weather.

Get ready for the highlight of extreme sports in Norway when X Games comes to Hafjell. Last year guests enjoyed the event in Oslo, this year it is all moving to the mountains of Hafjell, where guests will be able to enjoy three full days of competitions, activities, music and great food and drink.

In the midst of the Norwegian mountains the biggest actionsport-stars of snowboard and ski will compete for highly esteemed X Games-medals. During the three days in Hafjell we will get the chance to experience some tremendous rides as the stars compete in Slope Style and Big Air. Bring friends, family or just come hang with us – the event is open to all ages.

Want to be a volunteer?

Want to be a volunteer?

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